Hand Tractor

[gsf_heading sub_title=””]DISC PLOUGH[/gsf_heading]
Working width 400mm
Working depth 120-180mm
Weight 66kg
Dimension 1090x560x700
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]PLANTER[/gsf_heading]
Working width 400mm
Working depth 20-105mm
weight 2000-3000 m²/h
dimension 75x1180x720
Line distance 150-300mm
Capacity 5400-800 m²/h
[gsf_heading sub_title=””] POTATOES HAVESTER[/gsf_heading]
Row number Single row
Row spacing 50-64cm
productivity 2000-3000 m²/h
Total Weight 100kg
Match power 8-15hp
Working depth 20cm
Working width 0.65cm
Potato-explosion  grate ≥96%
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]RICE REAPER[/gsf_heading]
Type 4GL-120
Matching power 9-15hp tractor
Dimension 1000x1750x570
Weight 88kg
Productivity 2330-4000 m²/h
Cutting weight 1.2m
Mode of laying Strip right-hand
Laying angle 90 ± 20
Working speed 4-6.5kg/h


[gsf_heading sub_title=””]ROTARY CULTIVATOR 12HP[/gsf_heading]


Type 4 Stroke, Water cooled and Horizontal Type
Number of Cylinder 1
Bore x  Stroke Bore x Stroke:95x115mm
Displacement 0.8151
Output (Hp/Rpm) 12Hp & 18Hp/2200
Torque (kgm/rpm) 42/2000
Balancer 2
Fuel Diesel
Lubrication System Combined Splashing And Lubrication
Fuel Tank Capacity 12Liters
Cooling System Condenser with water cooling Tank
Dry weight 150kg
Direction of Revolution Counter Clockwise
Tyre Type Pneumatic
Gear Multiple Gear
Combustion System Swirl Combustion Chamber
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]ROTARY DITCHER[/gsf_heading]
Ditcher Width 40cm
Furrow Depth 10-50cm
Weight 40kg
Blade No. 12
Dimension 80x85x65cm
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]SINGLE PLOUGH[/gsf_heading]
Working width 200mm
Working depth 80-180mm
weight 18kg
dimension 800x200x680
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]TRAILER[/gsf_heading]
Over all dimension 37600x1460x1420
Body dimension 2000x1000x330
G.V.W 1000kg
Break type Mechanical
Tipping angle 70⁰
Type of unloading Rear dumping
Height of loading 330-350mm
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]HARROW [/gsf_heading]
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]PADDY WHEEL[/gsf_heading]
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]SEAT[/gsf_heading]
[gsf_heading sub_title=””]STIR PADDY WHEEL[/gsf_heading]