Knapsack Motorize Sprayer

Knapsack Motorize Sprayer

Shape size (mm) 490x420x660
Net Weight (kg) 11


Speed: (r/min) 16

Spray Volume


Liquid Agent (kg/min) ≥ 1.7
Powder (kg/min) ≥ 2


Liquid  Agent (m) ≥ 9
Powder Long Nozzle 25
Average diameter of the droplet ≤ 120
Supporting power  1E40F
Calibration Power (hp) 1.65
Fuel Consumption rate ≤ 530
Use of Fuel  Gasoline and oil volume
mixing ratio of 25:1
Ignition method Electronic Ignition
Startup mode  Pull the cord up or recoil Start
Stop Mode Fully closed throttle